Recalculating the Triangle: FLΔG

FLΔG is a group formed at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2010, comprising of artists, students, former students, staff and researchers. We explore the relationship between art practices, art education, and pedagogy, looking at forms of knowledge production and dissemination in the art school and beyond. FLΔG continues where the ‘educational turn’ in the art world left of, bringing re-examined art/ pedagogy dynamics back into the discursive arena and physical space of the art school, but also by engaging with galleries and related art spaces. FL∆G was named after the room code of the Triangle gallery space, FLG01, with the A of FL∆G being substituted by a triangle, to reference the shape of the Triangle Gallery.

Understanding the Triangle as a very particular physical and discursive site was a key part of beginning to explore the relationship between art educational practices within the academy and the educational turn outside the academy. Site-specific art works, (responding either to the physical site of the Triangle Gallery, to the institutional site of Chelsea or to the discursive site of pedagogy as art) was a fundamental aspect of this project. Both as a way to discursively explore reflection within art practice, as well as an opportunity to explore ideas around the pedagogy of physical, material, artworks in relation to pedagogic theory.

The Triangle gallery is one of the few spaces at Chelsea that the general public has access to. It operates as an educational space, a space for student shows and as an open public space. It is linked through a pathway to the parade ground, adjacent to Tate Britain and we were interested drawing on the public potential of the Triangle as it mediates between the academy and society.

For RECALCULATE FLΔG proposes to show documentation of the re-adjustment of the Triangle Gallery through the inaugural FLΔG project in 2010, as a reflection on this event and to set up a reflexive site, where members of FLΔG will intermittently be present to discuss their work past and present.

FLΔG: Kiki Claxton, Hannah Clayden, Mario D’Agostino, Katrine Hjelde and Michaela Ross.

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