Reward Morsel 2011

Multi media work

It is interesting that we have schools, places where we can pressure each other until we finally form a community. This fixing or formation is either successful or not. Succes depends largely on the rules. While the institution is a given, the rules keep changing with the time. This is especially bizarre, and has even been tragical in the course of history. They are obligatory and common. Compliance with the rules and adapting them to the individual require creativity. The school gown may be made of textile or nylon. The hat turned backward. I am concerned with rules and compliance with rules. How are all these manifested? How do they transform visually?

Painted objects related to the school and the kitchen. Nothing special at first sight, but gain different meanings when we see them in a painting. This work focusing on schools is linked to a field study that lasted several years. Even if we do not always work within the school premises, its rules are still present. We all have an obligatory relationship to the institution of the school. My works related to the theme of public catering and the school canteen. I installed the paintings in a kitchen built in the 1950s, in a tiled environment, using a hot-plate and an old, weathered sink. I consider the paintings to be painting objects that are part of the furniture. In the microwave I placed a video work. I sawed together used dishtowels with red and green ribbons. In this way I compiled a Hungarian kitchen. A uniform kitchen consisting of typical objects.


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